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HDBJ Bi-Weekly 180116

Dear Parents,

‘Tis the season to be jolly and we are indeed getting into the holiday spirit at HD Beijing School! Children have started practicing songs and teachers have been busy preparing activities in the run up to our winter holiday. As it is a very busy time ahead, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share, and review, a few items.

Christmas Events
The Christmas Wrapping Party is scheduled for Sunday 10th December from 2-5pm. There will be mulled wine and snacks to keep you going while you wrap presents! As we do not want to spoil the surprise, please remember this is an adult only event.

Our Christmas Performance will be held on Thursday 21st December. There will be a violin concert from 9-9:30am, followed by our students singing a selection of festive songs commencing at 9:30am. Students will then return to their classrooms for a well-deserved snack before leaving for home at 11:30am. Father Christmas will also be in attendance should children wish to have their photo taken with him.

More details pertaining to the Christmas Performance will be sent home next week.

Gentle Reminder
Dismissal time for students is at 4:45pm from Monday-Thursday and at 3:45pm on Friday. Our staff’s work day finishes 15 minutes after the children’s dismissal time, at which point all of our staff are entitled to leave school. Please ensure that children are collected on time, as our staff also have families at home waiting for them.

There have been instances of students entering empty classrooms after they have been returned to the care of their parents. Foremost, this is a safety concern, as there are no staff members on duty at that time and any child left unattended could have an accident. Secondly, teachers leave their classrooms organised for the next day’s lessons, anticipating that any activities that have been thoughtfully prepared, will remain untouched until the next day.

Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring a safe and secure campus.
Winter Holiday Timings
On Friday 22nd December, school will be dismissed, and buses will depart, at 12:30pm for the Winter Holiday. Lunch will be provided to students prior to their departure. Staff will also be leaving early that day, so please make the necessary arrangements for your child to be collected. School will recommence on Wednesday 3rd January.

Wishing you a wonderful and festive December.

Best Regards,
Principal Jodi L Ingersoll


In Physical Education, we focused on balance and throwing and catching a ball.
Students were divided into two groups. Exercises given to them include the following: throwing the ball to one another and catching the ball, standing on one leg, standing still and throwing and catching the ball. These exercises help to improve the children’s balance and gross motor skills. Whilst doing these exercises we also focused on working together and motivating each other. The students really enjoyed the exercises.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on learning the skills required to play handball. Students will learn the basic rules of handball: how to throw the ball, how to move towards the ball and how to catch the ball accurately from a specific direction. The different positions will be explained to the students and we will focus on the positional gameplay involved when playing handball.
Students enjoy and are excited to learn new skills in PE class. They have an intense desire to learn more about sport and physical education.


Time flies, and we are now coming to the last month of this semester! To check the library’s stock, and to see how the books have been used, we will conduct a stocktake in the middle of January. The chart below lists the Top 10 readers in December. Congratulations! We hope all of you enjoy reading and love to have a book with you at all times!
As to library courses, we started reading picture books about winter. The kids followed a snail, a frog and a bee to find snow, on earth, in the sky and in the water. On the journey, we learnt what snow is and how it is formed, and we also learnt about hibernation. Next week, we will make some snowflakes, and read Chairman Mao’s Poem “SNOW --to the tune of Chin Yuan Chun”.


In the past two weeks, students have learned more fine-tuned tennis skills.
Firstly, they learnt to judge the second landing point of the ball when competing against an opponent, and secondly they learnt to find the sweet spot in the game.
Through paired co-operation and competition, students now know the importance of moving quickly to the appropriate place, and how to find the sweet spot when the ball is touching down, which allows them to strike back with high quality.


Before the New Year, prep students have learned what texture is, and the kinds of textures on our campus through knock dyeing. During the last two weeks, they have put what they have learnt into practice and designed colorful feathers for birds.  
Grade 1 students have studied and appreciated Monet’s work "Water Lilies" and learned to mix colors with crayons.  In the first week they drew a picture of a frog on a lotus leaf, and in the second week they made a three-dimensional frog with clay, based on the picture they had drawn. They were able to understand the difference of two-dimensional, and three-dimensional works.
Grade 2 students began to prepare props for the upcoming annual drama.
Grade 3 students completed their own web after reading Charlotte’s Web.


With the coming of 2018, although the weather is cold outside, the music room is full of warmth and enthusiasm.
Prep students trained their hearing by listening to the sounds of different animals. They also learned a new song called Going Fishing.
Grade 1 students have learned songs such as Pinyin Country, Reading Tang Poem and Snail & Oriole.
Grade 2 students have learned a song called Little Duck. They took part in two-part rhythm training, and listened to folk music called Bickering Ducks.
Grade 3 students mastered playing the African Drum and hand drum. They are now able to play a simple accompaniment to the song “Grandma’s Penghu Bay”.  Additionally, they listened to the classical music The Radetzky March.


During the last two weeks’ lessons, we focused on practicing distance control of putting and pitch shots.
Distance control of putting: control the speed of putting by using different push bars. Master putting the ball from 2 yards, 4 yards and 6 yards. Students now have further understanding of this skill.
Practicing pitch shot: We focused on the basic movements including top swing (shoulder rotation and cupping the wrist) and final position controlling (standing on toes and body rotation). In addition, we use watchwords to help the students to keep these movements firmly in mind.

Design Thinking

All Prep classes have entered the final phase in their warming box construction. Learners in all classes are adding insulating materials along the walls, floors, ceilings—sometimes on the interior and exterior! —to keep a cat warm. We’re testing different materials for efficacy as well as safety for the animal. Stay tuned for final photos of our ongoing project!
Year 1 inventors have finished their instruments and are enormously excited to—finally—get to take them home to share with their friends and families. After many weeks of research, design and creation, Year 1 learners have built functional and aesthetically pleasing instruments for rockin’ out at home! Check out the expressions of pride and just plain cool on Y1B faces as they present their final projects.
Year 2 finalized their project on symmetry and snowflakes by creating some beautiful works. It was quite a challenge, finding the proper method through experimentation, but by working as a team and encouraging each other, we were all able to create a six-pointed, symmetrical snowflake with just one cut! Last week, Year 2 learners were introduced to a new project to learn the importance of writing/illustrating clear and accurate instructions; we are designing instructions for and creating our own lanterns for Chinese New Year.
Year 3 is working steadily to finalize their littleBits-powered car and have made consistent progress. We’re happy to report that all cars are now functional, and all teams have moved forward to the littleBits additions.