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Application Form 打印

Admission Information Form
Student's Personal Information
Student Name * Surname
Given Name
Date of birth*    
Gender* Nationality*
ID No. (Chinese student only)* Passport number or mainland travel permit number(HK, Macau, Taiwan)
Household Register Address*
Residential Address*
Compound Name
Home telephone Postcode
Native Language* Second Language
Current school*
If have not go to school before, please fill in "None"
Address :
Time period (YYYY/MM)  -  Main teaching language(multiple choices): Chinese English
Others :
Does the applicant have any special educational needs or behaviourial problems?*
Note:The school may not be able to support children with certain special medical or educational needs.
Does the applicant have any allergies(e.g., drugs, vaccines, food, etc.) or medical conditions of which we should be aware?*
Does the applicant have any special abilities or hobbies?
Has the applicant ever represented his/her school or other organization in sports, music, games, etc.?

Are there any special requirement for school meals?*

Vegetarian Diet         Halal meal (Muslim food)         Sugar-free Diet         No-beef Diet
No-seafood Diet         Non-nut Diet         Non-dairy products Diet
Date of expected entry(YY/MM) *   Grade applied for *
Does the applicant have any siblings who are currently applying for HD Bilingual School?*
Does the applicant need school bus service?  
Parent Information
  Father/Guardian Mother/Guardian
Given Name
Given Name
Marital status*
Native Language*
Second Language
Educational level attained*
Occupation *    
Business telephone
Mobile phone*
Applicant lives with : *

If the applicant lives with a guardian, the parents are requested to sign a letter of authorization, and the personal details of the guardian should be given to us for filling.
The first contact person of family :* The second contact person of family :*
Does the applicant have any siblings who are currently studying in HD Beijing School?Please specify:*
What are the main reasons to apply HD Bilingual School:*
HD's education philosophy
Reputation in friends' circle
A headmaster with high reputation and experienced teachers
Belief in bilingual education system
Strong academic background of HD's counsellors
High standard of facilities
How did you learn about HD Bilingual School *

Parent Agreement
In signing this agreement, I give HD Beijing School permission to contact the applicant's previous schools should additional information be required to support this application. I agree to abide by the admissions procedures of HD Beijing School. I certify that the information given on this form is full and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if I fail to provide accurate details of important information about the applicant, HD Beijing School reserves the right to restrict entry into or withdraw the applicant's place from the School. We/I agree to official photographs of, or quotes attributed to, my son/daughter appearing in promotional material for HD Beijing School.

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