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Education creates character.
This is our school motto, and our understanding of education. All the education, subjects and knowledge are ultimately meant to develop the person and cultivate character.
Embodied in the name of our school is "HeDe", meaning to illustrate illustrious virtues. It is also translated into our school values: Faith, Hope and Love. HeDe emphasizes the focus and dedication to cultivating these characters. "De" coming from Tao Te Ching which means the nature of development. So "HeDe" conveys another meaning of acting in accordance with nature. The two definitions of "HeDe" represent the highest standard of education and HD school's ultimate pursuit.
Through a comprehensive curriculum, we cultivate the faith of each HD student. We hope our students will develop the passion for traditional culture and the understanding of many cultures. We also hope our students will develop clear goals for their lives and strive to become the best that they can be.
We will apply Positive Psychology in all aspects and details of school life and build grit in our students through life-oriented and experiential education. As US psychologist Angela Duckworth put it, Grit is the passion for long-term goals, and the perseverance to stick to your future even when you fail. With the ability to stay true to one's determination and relentless pursue one's goal with dedication and focus, our children will have the emotional power to support their lifetime growth.
We will foster love and virtues through a team of teachers with high moral standards. Moral education cannot be taught. It can only be acquired through the personal influence and behaviors of teachers and parent. HD always puts moral standards as a priority when we recruit and train our teachers. The purpose is to foster "RenDe" - love and virtues - of our students through the examples set by our teachers. "Ren" means loving, helpful, empathy. "De" means virtues. With "RenDe", our students will grow into people who gain respect and are able to adapt into the society in a cooperative manner. They will become happy individuals with inner fulfillment.
Objectives of HD character education:
Grit, Zest, Self-control, Optimism, Gratitude, Social intelligence, Curiosity