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HD Beijing School is highly committed to educating globalized Chinese and providing Chinese families with a bilingual and multi-cultural learning experience. 
HD adopts a comprehensive curriculum that is based on interdisciplinary integration and theme-based learning. In HD Primary School, our students are immersed in a bilingual environment where the courses are tailored to the different needs of different grades. For the six years in the primary school Chinese and English will be used equally as instructional languages in the curriculum. However, the proportion between Chinese and English may be different from year to year while taking the different characteristics of two languages and the approach to learning the languages into account. Developed under the guidance of national curriculum standards, our Chinese curriculum combines the existing outstanding courses with a revolutionary theme-based in-depth learning approach. The themes are student-centered and provide real-life connections, e.g. Back to School, The Magical Animal World, To Discover Spring. The mathematics curriculum is tailored in a way that follows the structures and benchmarks of national mathematics curriculum, while at the same time, incorporates Western teaching pedagogy that is more innovative and interactive. Our English curriculum is built on an established international English curriculum and integrates Western education elements in courses of Science, PE, Art and Information Technology. 
To broaden our students HD school offers a variety of special courses, e.g. Traditional Culture, Chinese Martial Arts, Drama Education, Design Thinking etc. Through small group work, two homeroom teachers model a varied curriculum and we provide personalized and customized education to ensure each child’s individual talents are developed.  
Our curriculum is designed under life-relevant interdisciplinary themes and in a bilingual immersion environment to stimulate our students’ interest and passion in learning and problem solving. Our distinctive curriculum will offer our students a fun learning experience, an opportunity to explore intellectually and spiritually in the scope of both China and the globe.  With a personalized education, we are able to nurture each child’s talent, self-awareness and ideals to become a globalized Chinese citizen with the soul of China and the vision of the world.