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HD International Curriculum
The ultimate objective of HD International Curriculum is to develop a global horizon and understanding of different culture to become a globalized citizen. Under thematic integrated teaching model, the English curriculum are integrated with Chinese curriculum in a child-center approach. We strive to provide an immersive bilingual environment to cultivate students’ English skills. International education elements are fully integrated into courses such as art, science, physical education and information technology, providing students with fresh and unique learning experience.
 Integrated English Program
English teaching is a critical part of the education that HD Beijing School offers. Referenced with the framework of the English National Curriculum, our English program aligns with the Cambridge Primary learning objectives, enabling them to master near-native proficiency in an immersive language environment. At HDBJ, students are at the center of learning. Teachers utilise backward-by-design and spiral planning to make sure learning is targeted and differentiated. With an interdisciplinary approach, students practice their English in other subjects and in a variety of activities hosted by the school or through a ‘House’ system. An IPC (International Primary Curriculum) strand is also added for Prep to incorporate other subject areas such as geography and history, to ensure that a child’s personal development is the key to their primary school experience. With thematic based teaching at HDBJ, we also endeavor to build natural links between the English and Chinese curriculum where possible.
 International Primary Curriculum
The International Primary Curriculum is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for international mindedness and for personal learning based on the IPC personal goals of cooperation, communication, thoughtfulness, respect, resilience and morality. Based on an over-arching theme, students are working in dynamic groups to stimulate their learning, and are positively encouraged to come up with questions of their own to help shape their learning. 

Design Thinking
Design thinking is a class where students can learn to have innovative habits of mind. It’s a place where we can see things for what they are, but simultaneously see what they can become.  Children can develop something called agency where they believe they can be a part of making change happen, and they believe they can make beneficial change, change that is good for themselves and for society at large. While coding and technology are very important for our future undoubtedly, it’s impossible for us to know what kind of jobs are going to be present when these children enter the workforce. We aim to prepare our children to be problem finders and then problem solvers, to be resourceful, to be risk takers, to be agents of change, then they can be successful in any job that may be invented between now and the opportunity they enter the workforce. 

HD Sports Academy
Physical Education plays an important role in promoting the health of students.  At HD Beijing School we put a special emphasis on Physical Education.  At HDBJ, PE is more than keeping in good shape.  Sportsmanship is equally important, as we teach students the spirit of collaboration and fellowship through a variety of sports.
Professional experienced PE teachers from home and abroad work collaboratively to create fun, yet challenging learning environments, in which students enjoy a wide range of courses.  At HDBJ we offer three types of PE classes: Generation PE (including field hockey, basketball, football, relay etc.), Professional PE (including golf, tennis, swimmingetc.), Team sports based on house system. .

General PE

Basketball / football / field hockey / ball games / dodgeball / relay


Golf is a featured course at HDBJ.  More than a method of keeping fit, golf trains students to be patient, persistent and self-disciplined.  Together with 'Pre-golf', a brand under Shanghai Yani Tseng Sport Consulting Co., HDBJ works to cultivate students’ interest, and to continuously improve their skills.  With the help of Pre-golf, HDBJ students with a special talent in golf have also been successfully admitted to professional training programs at elite American universities.


Tennis builds students’ fundamental movement and coordination skills, as well as their confidence and socialization.  Students are taught to display good sportsmanship, understand the concept of fair play, and develop ethical standards of behavior.  Our tennis course provides a complete training program.  Students transition to full-court with the use of smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls.  Tennis can assist with University applications, and outstanding student-athletes have an opportunity to apply for U.S. College scholarships.