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Egg-stremely Egg-cellent Egg Festival!

The larger than life rabbit, the huge golden egg, the chocolate aroma floating in the air, the screams and laughter of the children and the companionship of their families……a wonderful time was had by all at the HD campus Egg Festival!

The house-based activities began after lunch. Dressed in their house t-shirts of orange, green, yellow, or blue, children left their classes and ran to their house groups.

In the classrooms, they were able to stain eggs, make photo frames, and colourfully decorate chocolate muffins, all whilst the rabbit danced from one classroom to another! Outside on the playground, the children were busy playing catch with water balloons with their parents and taking part in the egg and spoon race.

But why were there eggs scattered on the grass? Why was a teacher secretly laying puzzles in the corner? What other “egg-citing” things were in store for us?
Children have an inner ability of creating happiness.

After an eager wait for teachers, parents and children, what exactly happened at our HD campus?

Laughter filled the air in the March sunshine.
There is not only one way to use a spoon,check it out!

What’s happening in the classroom?
Let’s follow the irresistible smell of melting chocolate and find out!

We can decorate muffins, and dance with the rabbit!
Left, right, hop hop hop!

Passionate Rabbit Dance!


Stain and paint, what a beautiful egg!
Eat one? Go ahead!

“Mum is blue, I’m green and dad is pink ha ha ha!"

Let’s make a frame for our pictures!

Egg-stremely Egg-cellent Egg Hunt!

Next came the egg hunt! Two teachers explained the rules, demonstrating the wrong and the right way to play. The kids loved this visual demonstration, and cheered for the teacher demonstrating the right way to play.

Playing for their house, who was going to be the first to collect all of the eggs?

But, collecting the eggs was not the end of the game! Each egg contained a small clue, the children needed to find the corresponding jigsaw piece, and then piece them all together.


They found a picture of the place they needed to go to with their teachers. When they got there…WOW, there was a huge golden egg waiting for them. Surprise!

After smashing the golden egg open, there was their gift! What a happy ending!

Such a successful activity takes a lot of effort from both parents and teachers. Classes began to be decorated as early as two weeks before the Egg Festival. We selected three decoration awards: the“Cutest Decoration Award” went to Prep C; the "Best Colour Award" went to Prep A; and the "Most Egg-cellent Award" winner was G1A. The children from these three classes will have a picnic lunch in the park with the headmaster!