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When sports go far beyond sports!

Physical education is an important part of HD's education system. The spirit of perseverance, fair play, and teamwork is also consistent with the essence of HD.

We believe that sport is not only the foundation for a healthy life, but it also reinforces the child’s ability to overcome setbacks, encourages teamwork, and improves self-confidence.

Therefore, HD School has always attached great importance to sports education, and is committed to creating a strong sports culture on campus, which includes inviting experts to teach specific lessons in sport. 

In this environment, HD's children have not only achieved good results in their various sporting fields, but more importantly, they have been able to grow into healthy, optimistic, strong and open-minded individuals.

Recently, two sporting events at HD Beijing have come to a close, and the children have gained much than just sporting achievements.

Sports Day: Happiness is the most important goal

It's all about happiness, not only on the sports field, but also in our real lives.

The student’s took place in six sporting activities

designed for multiple sporting capabilities:

Running, Jumping, Throwing......

This was both challenging and fascinating.

Whether it was a flexible turn, or a burst of speed,


the children put all of their effort into achieving their best results.

Together with mum and dad, everyone could join in with the games,


 working hard, and sparing no effort to achieve their goals.

Laughter, Friendship, and Challenges

Just how sport should be!

During the break, the children sang a beautiful song:

"The moss are as small as rice, but they also blossom, just like a peony..."

Our teachers came dressed in their sports gear, ready to join in the fun with the children.

On the sports ground, some were fast, and some were slow,

 but every child put forward their best efforts.


Everyone got the same medal whatever their result, to reward the desire of each child to get better.

HD Tennis Tournament: 

Competition is to go beyond ourselves

Tennis is one of the requisite courses for HD students. HD schools work closely with the top professional tennis training agency, Astra Tennis, led by Yulia Kharitonova. Yulia is a professional athlete who has played in the Australian Open Tennis tournament, and she has provided world-class professional tennis lessons for HD students.

In order to promote inter-school communication and create a positive sports culture, HD schools from Beijing, Ningbo and Shanghai hold a tennis tournament every two years.

Last Saturday, the second HD tennis tournament was successfully held in Beijing. Players were selected from the three schools, and everyone made a great effort to compete for the trophy.

In the end, the trophy was captured by the children of HD Beijing. Congratulations to HD Beijing’s little tennis players.

It doesn’t matter if the competition is ranked, the students of HD learn from it. They learn to enjoy the victory of winning, and how to contend with a loss.

They understand that the core of competition is not to compare with others, but to persist and to surpass themselves again and again, in achieving their goal.

This embodies HD's sports education programme.