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Celebration of Children and Culture

Last week, we had the chance to celebrate two important events which are integral to HD Beijing: culture and children.

Friday 1st June was HD’s first combined International Day and Children’s Day celebration. We took the opportunity to learn about other cultures, whilst celebrating the wonder and joy that children bring to our lives.

Country Activities

At HD, we aim to educate globalised students. We do this by exposing our students to the richness of cultures around the world.

We aim to help students understand their place in the world while learning that differences and diversity make the world a colourful and wonderful place.  

The day’s festivities began with students rotating through different classes and participating in various activities that taught students about other cultures; in total nine countries were represented by our classes. During the class rotation, students were able to participate in activities from four or five of those countries.

Children beat a pinata and wait for the candy to fall as a learning experience about birthday tradtitions in Mexico. The classroom was full of laughter.

Students enjoyed learning about a traditional dance from Ireland!

Students learnt about the history of British soldiers. This little dinosaur learnt how to draw and make a British soldier.

Yoga and India go hand in hand, let's practise!

Trying to make a Brazilian mask?

Australia is known for its wild animals. Let's learn all about them. 

On the vast African steppe, there is a giraffe who can not dance. After listening to the story, students drew the national flag of Tanzania.

Life is not only about happiness. Under the theme of America, teacher told students the story of the Indians being forced to move west in American history. The children learnt about "Trail of tears". Look at their solemn little faces, we knew the seed of justice has been planted in their heart.

Festival Performance

During the afternoon, students performed dances from around the world to give the audience a taste of other cultures.

Our dance and music teachers embraced the vision for the day by choreographing wonderful songs and dances that reflected the Children’s Day theme.


 The dances originated from a variety of countries around the world including: Spain, Japan, China and the USA.

Additionally, each year group collaborated on a joint song performance with lyrics depicting the beauty of our world and children alike.

With such excellent student performances, teachers must also prove their talent. What a fantastic hip-hop dance!

PTA International Fair

International and Children’s Day was a collaborative venture by the teachers, students and parents of HD Beijing. In building momentum, teachers had chosen a country and introduced their own class to different aspects of its culture.

The PTA had also tasked parents to research their classes’ country in order to prepare for the International Day Fair.

It was a wonderful chance to learn about different countries and cultures both at home and at school.

This PTA-led International Fair was the culminating activity for the day. The parents put together a wonderful afternoon of activities, food, fun and laughter.

Children took this chance to learn how to manage their money.

These were based on their child’s ‘country’ and parents collaborated together to put on a wonderful event for our students. It was truly a sight to behold!

International Day Art Competition

Coinciding with the day’s events was the Children’s Art Competition. Students worked collaboratively on a class piece of art and students were given the opportunity to submit individual pieces to be judged according to four categories. Parents, teachers and students were invited to vote for their favourite piece of art according to the four categories.

A wonderful day of learning and collaboration, particularly the spirit of celebration was evident throughout the events. Thank you to all of the students, parents and teachers who made it such a success.

Happy International and Children’s Day. Happy Everyday!