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Bilingual Specialist courses


Art is a critical part of human culture.  As a requirement of compulsory education, the Art course is of high value in developing a student’s character, cultivating their tastes and improving their intelligence.
The Visual Art class at HDBJ is designed using the philosophy of the 'Reggio Education Program'. Through working with materials like paper, pottery, clay, plants and pigments, students acquire a deeper understanding of color and light; and of art as a whole.  Instead of mechanically teaching, HDBJ works on putting students into an artistic environment, so that the seed of art can grow into mature fruit in the future life of the individual student.


Music plays an important role in child development.  It is fun to learn and it shapes a students personality, enabling them to express feelings and emotions.
At HDBJ, our experienced music teachers have introduced the well-known 'Carl Orff' system into our curriculum, which emphasizes collaboration and exploration as an effective way to inspire our students interest in music.  Students of different grades will have the opportunity to learn, and to try different musical instruments, such as the piano, violin and ukulele to mention but a few.

Bilingual Library

The library at HD Beijing School is open-plan, bright and comfortable.  It provides students with a rich collection of books, and good opportunities to enjoy reading.  The English and Chinese collections at HDBJ library contain reference books and fiction collections as well as classic literature, poetry, short stories and biographies.
Our library is not merely a traditional place to borrow and read books.  It is a form of study, with the core purpose of cultivating the students interest in reading for life.  Our Teacher-Librarians not only teach students the method of using library resources effectively, but also help them to develop good habits of reading and learning research methods, thus laying a good foundation for future study and work.