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New Year Wishes for 2018


Dear Friends,


On behalf of HD Beijing school, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued support in 2017.  As a close-knit school community, we will accomplish wonderful things together in the years to come. 


<New Year’s Eve>

_By Ms. K. Fraser


New Year’s Eve brings memories true,

Of every hug and I love you.

Of smiles and pleasures that we’ve shared,

Of quarrels mended with such care.


We cherish all these cheery thoughts

And all the sorrow not forgot.

For each has brought us lessons learnt,

Compassion found and patience earnt.


We welcome in the New Year’s trials

Its tests, defeats and marathon miles

For each reveals the truest parts

Of all our spirits, minds, and hearts.


While all these truths will no doubt pass,

We wish much more the joys that last.

We wish for you and yours at home

More blessings than you have yet known.


We wish you knowledge, wisdom stout

The strength and faith to bear all out.

We wish you peace in heart and home,

The courage to stay, the daring to roam.


We wish you laughter, joy unbound

The gift of friends and family ‘round.

And more than this, much more than all

Abiding love to long enthrall.


Wishing you a wonderful, safe holiday and a prosperous 2018.


Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Jodi L Ingersoll