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HDBJ Bi-Weekly Newsletter 171201

Principal"s Greeting

Dear Parents,

‘Tis the season to be jolly and we are indeed getting into the holiday spirit at HD Beijing School! Children have started practicing songs and teachers have been busy preparing activities in the run up to our winter holiday. As it is a very busy time ahead, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share, and review, a few items.

Christmas Events
The Christmas Wrapping Party is scheduled for Sunday 10th December from 2-5pm. There will be mulled wine and snacks to keep you going while you wrap presents! As we do not want to spoil the surprise, please remember this is an adult only event.
Our Christmas Performance will be held on Thursday 21st December. There will be a violin concert from 9-9:30am, followed by our students singing a selection of festive songs commencing at 9:30am. Students will then return to their classrooms for a well-deserved snack before leaving for home at 11:30am. Father Christmas will also be in attendance should children wish to have their photo taken with him.
More details pertaining to the Christmas Performance will be sent home next week.

Gentle Reminder
Dismissal time for students is at 4:45pm from Monday-Thursday and at 3:45pm on Friday. Our staff’s work day finishes 15 minutes after the children’s dismissal time, at which point all of our staff are entitled to leave school. Please ensure that children are collected on time, as our staff also have families at home waiting for them. There have been instances of students entering empty classrooms after they have been returned to the care of their parents. Foremost, this is a safety concern, as there are no staff members on duty at that time and any child left unattended could have an accident. Secondly, teachers leave their classrooms organised for the next day’s lessons, anticipating that any activities that have been thoughtfully prepared, will remain untouched until the next day.
Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring a safe and secure campus.
Winter Holiday Timings
On Friday 22nd December, school will be dismissed, and buses will depart, at 12:30pm for the Winter Holiday. Lunch will be provided to students prior to their departure. Staff will also be leaving early that day, so please make the necessary arrangements for your child to be collected. School will recommence on Wednesday 3rd January.
Wishing you a wonderful and festive December.

Best Regards,
Principal Jodi L Ingersoll


In physical education we focused on balance, motor skills and soccer techniques.
Balance, motor skills: Students were divided into two groups. Exercises given to them include the following: Standing on one leg, stand still while jumping and speeding. These exercises help to improve balance and motor skills. While doing these exercises we also focused on working together and motivating each other. The students enjoyed the exercises a lot.
Soccer: The sport that we focused on the last few weeks, is soccer. Students learned how to kick a ball accurately in a specific direction. The different positions were explained to the students and we focus on the positional gameplay involved when playing soccer. They learned how to play into open space during play and to play together as a team.
The students enjoy every PE class and is excited in every class. They have an intense desire to learn more about sport and physical education.


The kids are now more familiar with the procedure of borrowing books from the library, and they are returning the books back on time. More than 400 books have been lent out since last month. Below are some related statistics:
Statistics in November (X-axis refers to date, Y-axis refers to the number of books):

Our library provides books related to animals to compliment the school’s animal courses.
Grade 1: Students were introduced to a famous story about a chick: I can beat the monster; they were fascinated by smart Carmela.
Grade 2: Students read Puss in Boots.
Grade 3: Students continued to read Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Prep: Students drew their self-portraits using the knowledge of point, line, shape and colour, and introduced their works to other students. They learned to review different works using artistic language (vocabulary).
G1: During the last two weeks they continued to learn Paul Klee’s works, and have used cold and warm colours to create a work called "cat". They also  put the art principles of symmetry (balance) into practice.
G2: After learning the difference between 2D and 3D, they created their 3D self-portraits by using clay, and learned how to color them.
G3: In the first week, they participated in making posters of “Mystery of the Moon” for their Chinese classes. In the second week, students learned to create the texture of the same animal by using different materials (crayons, color pencils and clays).

Design Thinking

As we approach the Winter Break, our design projects are in full swing!
Prep classes have “adopted” a small cat that lives outside the school, and begun drafting warming house designs to keep the animal healthy and safe this winter. Each class has chosen a name for the cat, too! Prep A has chosen Mr. Mistermister; both Prep B and Prep C voted to name the cat Ms. Kalani. (So don’t be surprised if your learner comes home with ideas for how to keep Ms. Kalani warm this winter! J ) In the coming weeks, we’ll be using our group designs to build and test our warming houses in hopes of delivering them to our cat before Winter Break.
Year 1 classes have put their prior knowledge and research about instruments to good use this week by drafting designs and materials lists for their own instruments. Some learners have chosen to create their own versions of standard instruments, while others have invented new ones. Next week, we’ll use these designs to start building our musical creations and testing to see that they make the music we were expecting!
Year 2 is continuing their work toward creating snowflake templates by finalizing their original, unique snowflake designs. It’s hard work making our own snowflakes as symmetrical as the ones found in nature, but these diligent thinkers are up for the job! Check them out using drafting tools—rulers, protractors, and triangular squares—to make the task easier and the product more accurate!
Year 3 is continuing the thinking and creative collaboration of building a functional littleBits electric-powered car. All teams are deep in the building and testing cycle, trying different materials for wheels and axles to make the best fit for the project. Devising an axle system that is sturdy enough to support the weight of the car and its electronic components is quite a task, and we’re getting closer to success each class period!


As winter approaches, we began our animal courses in music class. Grade 1 students learned two Chinese songs called "Little Animals Sing" and “Ants Move the Rice” and the English song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".  They also learned to use musical instruments to express the intensity of sound. Prep students have learned about crotchet rest, and learned the English song "Ring a-Ring o'Roses". In the past two weeks Grade 2 students were taught the differences between “listening” and “hearing” and how they influence our daily life. They have learned two songs called “Animals Talk” and “Deck the Halls ” and used different instruments to imitate the sounds of nature. Grade 3 Students have learned about string instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments. They got to know the relevant category for each instrument, and may recognize the timbre of the instrument. During the last two weeks, students learned two songs named “How Old Are You, Stump?” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.


During the past two weeks, the tennis lesson has focused on the following two skills:
First: Backhand volley.
Second: Comprehensive exercises for forehand and backhand volley’s
The exercises helped students to get familiar with the above two skills and enhanced their stability on both forehand and backhand volley’s.