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HDBJ Bi-Weekly Newsletter 180316

Dear Parents,
A warm welcome back to school following the Chinese New Year holiday.  We wish you all a year of many blessings and great prosperity in the Year of the Dog.
Whilst a holiday is always appreciated, it is really lovely to be back in school with a sea of happy faces and enthusiastic learners.  Watching as our students bounded in through the school gates with big smiles as they excitedly returned to HD Beijing, was touching to see and reinforced my view of educators having the world’s best job. It was definitely an excellent way to commence Semester 2.
During the first week of the semester, English and Chinese Curriculum sessions were held with considerable positive feedback.  There was a very impressive parental turnout.  Sincere thanks for your participation and partnership, as we continue to strive for excellence at HD Beijing School.
Following on from well-received curriculum sessions, two English Writing Workshops were provided this week by Ms. Sue and Ms. Chris.  These sessions offered parents an opportunity to learn about the phases of writing development, assessment and tracking, as well as how to best support writers at home. 
Upcoming key events in March and early April, include: 
English Workshops for Parents
Our efforts to impart information regarding the English Programme will continue in April.  Reading Workshops will be held on the following dates, with more information provided nearer the time:
Wednesday 11th – Thursday 12th April – Prep & Grade 1
Friday 13th April – Grades 2 & 3
Easter Eggstravaganza
The Easter Eggstravaganza will be held on Friday 30th March.  Please be sure to save the date, as it will be an eggcellent occasion with several special eggvents.  Activities will commence at noontime and parents are invited to join in the fun.  More detailed information pertaining to specific activities and timings will be sent prior to the event. 
We look forward to seeing you all there.

Jodi L Ingersoll


It has been two weeks since our students came back to school. The brand-new art room is now available, and I believe the students will create more wonderful work in here.
We’ve already started our Spring Courses this term. Students from prep classes to Grade 3 have all worked on looking for spring through texture, pattern, history and culture.
Prep students observed leaf veins, animal prints, and lines in maths to feel the connection between all of these textures, and then created various patterns on foam blocks using bamboo pens.
Grade 1 students made lanterns in different shapes out of colorful paper. After learning of Piet Mondrian and abstraction, they will be able to change their lanterns into the “Mondrian Style”.
Grade 2 students drew the “door-god” of spring. This helped the students to understand and to observe the changes in nature and the world.
Grade 3 students tried to feel the flavor of Spring, and to express their emotions through their painting.


In physical education, we focused on space work, motor skills and teamwork.
Space work, motor skills and teamwork
Students were divided into two groups. Exercises given to them included the following: Standing on one leg, moving around, focusing on personal space, standing still while jumping and speeding. At the end of the class we played a game where they needed to work together as a team and practice all of their skills that they learned that day.  These exercises help to improve space work, motor skills and teamwork. While doing these exercises we also focused on working together and motivating each other. The students enjoyed the exercises a lot.
The sport that we focused on in Team sports, is soccer. Students learned how to kick a ball accurately in a specific direction. The different positions were explained to the students and we focused on the positional gameplay involved when playing soccer. They learned how to play into open space during play, and to play together as a team.
The students enjoy every PE class and are excited in every class. They have an intense desire to learn more about sport and physical education.


During the past two weeks, students strengthened their skills of match racing. We have mainly focused on the improvement of forehand stroke and stability. Through constant practice and cooperation, along with students’ deepening knowledge of tennis, our class has laid a solid foundation for future tennis games.


In the first week, Prep & Grade 1 students learned about golf spirit, etiquette and rules through a short animated clip. Grade 2 and Grade 3 students learned about golf, and its rules through a short film. Whilst watching, the students corrected others' mistakes and analyzed the details with their classmates.
After learning all of the necessary skills, we arrived at the first golf class of the semester. It’s very important for the students to warm up before they start playing. We reviewed the positions of ‘push rod’ and gripping the club. Before the end of the class, we set a challenge that helped to improve their confidence and their sense of team honour. 


The spring days pass leisurely. HD students welcomed their new semester with the song “Moss”. In the past two weeks, prep students drew the treble clef and sang “Meng Bao Celebrate the New Year”. What a cheerful scene! Grade 1 students learned the new song “Find Spring”. “The glass has a short temper and comes up the ground. It looks around and asks where spring can be found?”  Grade 2 students have learned the quavers via the song “Watch the Lanterns”. Grade 3 students listened to "Rhapsody in Blue". All the students were impressed by its unique genre and sharp contrast.


It’s wonderful to have a large and bright new library. We have more comfortable beanbags and more books. Kids are so excited to come to the new library to learn and read.
Last week, we read stories about three great females to pay our respects to International Women's Day. For Grade 1 students, I chose the story of a natural guardian - Jane Goodall. We were touched by her courage, perseverance and dedication. The first female doctor in the history of the United States was Elizabeth Blackwell. Her inspirational story moved every Grade 2 student. Grade 3 students read the story of Helen Keller, and were deeply touched by this great woman who created a miracle of life. We also recommended “Three days to see” to our kids as after class reading.