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HDBJ Bi-Weekly Newsletter 180611

Dear Parents,
The end of our first year as a community school is nigh, and there is indeed much to celebrate.  Since we opened our doors in August, we have made great achievements together; developing our partnership through mutual respect and by keeping our focus on our priority – our children.  We have been blessed to have a wonderful group of children, who as our first intake at HD Beijing, will be our pioneers for future students joining us. 
So, it is fitting that we ushered in the last month of the 2017-18 academic year by celebrating our HD students during our International & Children’s Days’ events, whilst also recognising and celebrating a variety of cultures and countries from around the world.  The activities, under the co-ordination of Ms. Helen, were a brilliant way of ushering in the last month of the 2017-18 academic year.  Our Chinese Drama, Art and Music teachers, Ms. Jocelyn, Ms. Yogi, and Ms. Jiang respectively, were key in developing the artistic abilities in our HD students.  The theatre performances were truly impressive!
First of June also marked our first PTA-led event, which supported HD Beijing’s International & Children’s Days’ celebrations. The level of parental participation was exceptional!  A great deal of time and research went into the stalls, activities and food preparation.  A sincere thank you to everyone who made the day extra special and fun!
Coinciding with the build-up to our International & Children’s Day, students participated in a variety of stimulating learning experiences during our Maths Week from 28th-31st May.  More proof that learning and fun can go hand-in-hand.
In addition, during the past month, we also held several other events, including Sports Day and the Teddy Bear Picnics for the winners of the Egg-Stravaganza competitions.  Principals brought their own favourite stuffed animals to the picnics, where everyone enjoyed packed lunches and fresh fruit, and the principals had a lovely chat with students from 1A, Prep A and Prep C. 
On Monday 21st May, after several postponements due to ‘weather days’, we finally held our much-anticipated Sports Day at Chaoyang Sports’ Centre.  Mr. Andries led the PE department in the organisation of the events, which provided students, staff and parents ample opportunity to demonstrate their games’ and sports’ prowess.  Another fun day with great community participation.
Now, with only weeks until school finishes for the summer, and two weeks until our celebration of learning week and Chinese Drama, there is still much fun, learning and work to be done. Let us make the most of the remaining time in June by celebrating all of our successes this year as a whole school community-team J
Ms. Jodi L Ingersoll



All students have been preparing their country-themed drawings for International Children’s Day.
Children became engrossed in learning the culture and history of different countries. Each class created a huge mosaic picture for their chosen country. They each painted a picture on a square canvas representing the country they had learnt about. They opened their minds by using lines, colours and patterns to create artworks during the process.
Additionally, they actively participated in the International Day contest. They made full use of breaks and lunch time to create art in the classroom.

On International Children’s Day, our children sang the songs, ‘Top of the World’, ‘Hello to All of the Children of the World’ and ‘A Beautiful Day’. Each class performed a different dance, including a passionate Spanish dance, the exotic Xinjiang dance, the Chinese Kungfu dance, the Menggu dance, and Taekwondo and Jazz dances. Every single performance was met with huge applause. Through performing on stage, the children learnt singing and dancing skills, and enjoyed the charm of performing on stage. It took strenuous effort and lots of practice to put on such a wonderful performance. We hope the children will feel more confident, and smile more in the coming days.

In Physical Education, we focused on balance, and throwing and catching a ball.
Students were divided into two groups. Exercises given to them included the following: throwing the ball to one another and catching the ball. Standing on one leg, standing still and throwing and catching the ball. These exercises help to improve balance and gross motor skills. While doing these exercises we also focused on working together and motivating each other. The students enjoyed the exercises a lot.
Over the next few weeks we will focus on learning the skills required to play handball. Students will learn the basic rules of handball, how to throw the ball in handball, how to move towards the ball and catching the ball accurately in a specific direction. The different positions will be explained to the students and we will focus on the positional gameplay involved when playing handball.
Students enjoy and are excited to learn new skills in PE class. They have an intense desire to learn more about sport and physical education.


During these two weeks, we have focused on learning about team relay, and low-chipping skills over a short distance.
Grade 2 students carried out team relay. There were 3 levels, including fitness, chipping, and putting the putter.
Prep students were divided into four groups. Two groups were grouped into one team to have a ‘putting the putter’ competition.
Low-chipping over short distances emphasised the basic gestures, positions and how to adjust the centre of body weight. They practiced the skills of standing on their left leg, whilst finding their balance, and keeping their shoulder rotation low range. We observed and helped the children to learn the basic acts of preparation, and how to shift their body weight. Through playing various games, students learnt team spirit and concentration.
Golf could be another school for our kids!


During the past two weeks, we have focused on learning two main skills. The first one was maintaining the accuracy of each technical skill. This emphasised other details, particularly the criteria of a good strike. The children grew to understand the importance of reaching a certain standard when playing tennis. This helped to improve their training sessions. The second skill they learnt was the new volleying technique of how to catch a ball in the air.


Mr Craig Smith has been to visit HD Beijing School. Together with his interesting stories, the genius author of picture books such as ‘Troubadour’, also played the guitar for the children. Our kids enjoyed the books, listened to the music, and danced along to the guitar.
Mr Smith also brought along some puppet characters to interact with the children during the story telling session. In the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the children cheered the optimism of ‘The Wonky Donky’, the banter in ‘My Daddy Ate an Apple ‘, and the transformation of ‘Square Eyes’. Simple and brisk rhythms helped the children sing together. This unique way of sharing picture books was used to help impress and enlighten them.