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HD Integrated Chinese Curriculum
The HD Integrated Curriculum aims to educate the ‘whole person’.   Developed under the guidance of National Curriculum Standards, it is a revolutionary attempt at Chinese curriculum reform that is based on interdisciplinary integration and project-based learning.  The HDBJ School’s integrated curriculum advocates a learning method which includes four aspects: whole person, whole directions, whole time and place and whole attention.  The content of the curriculum covers every aspect of a student’s life.  Through stimulating a student’s passion to explore, the curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary skills and key qualities for their future life.
  • Guided by National Curriculum Standards
  • Interdisciplinary and theme-based
  • Spiral curricular approach in thematic units
  • Real-life connections and student-centered


The Chinese language is at the root of Chinese culture and contains the nation’s spiritual genes.  The Chinese curriculum at HD Schools is designed to teach students the importance of Chinese traditional values.  It focuses on reading, and enables students to understand the fundamentals of Chinese culture, with great respect for history.
HD Integrated Chinese Curriculum is a thematic interdisciplinary approach aiming to cultivate children’s lifelong learning capability. There are three themes each semester around “Me”,”The nature”and “The wolrd”. HD Integrated Chinese Curriculum aims to transform the primary education. We cultivate children’s personality through story-based learning and develop strong reading and writing skills. Intensive readings start from story books and bridge books in Grade 1 & 2, to complete readings of 10 million words in Grade 3 & 4, and reading classic literature in Grade 5. Students are encouraged to express and share their opinions through writing. We emphasize that learnings are connected to real life and the capability to apply the knowledge to life.


In order to cultivate our students’ mathematical thinking as our core purpose, we are working to change more traditional teaching methods.  We aim to provide students with a new model of learning (QCC) through question, conversation and cooperation  Math classes at HDBJ are thus characterized by a more challenging learning climate.
Math learning at HDBJ is fun and engaging.  The Math curriculum is designed to cultivate students’ thinking ability emphasizing useful application, interdisciplinary learning and thinking focused. Students learn a range of math skills through games and stories, collaboration and small group work.  They are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge into their daily lives and truly engage in the fun of mathematics learning..

Traditional Chinese Culture

Whilst encouraging our students to become global citizens, we also focus on building students’ understanding of Chinese tradition.  We offer an integrated course, which contains the reading of classics, and also the opportunity to learn and experience folk culture and crafting skills.

 Drama Education

Centered around children, Dama education applies drama skills to learning. We utilise drama games, improvised play and script acting to ensure interdisciplinary integration. With respect to children’s nature, Drama education aims to develop creativity, imagination, teamwork, self-expression and problem-solving skills.